Welcome Faith Positive Radio Listeners!



If you are here it is because you heard my interview with Dr. Joey Faucette on the Faith Positive Radio. I hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as I did talking to Dr. Joey.

He is a wonderful host who is enthusiastic about introducing you to the people and ideas that can improve your life.

I’m passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of owning their own businesses.

I have no doubt that something resonated with you that drove you here, welcome!

Did my story speak to you in some way?
Do you want to learn about leveraging real estate to purchase a business?
Do you want to see how you can buy a business with little to no money out of pocket?
Do you want to experience having the guidance of an expert in business acquisition?
Did you just want to learn more about that voice you heard on the show?
Whatever the reason, I’m glad you are here.

You can find the resources I mentioned during the interview here. Make sure to look around the site to learn more and see the newest resources to help your success.

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